Thirrje për aplikim për ekspert në fushën e antikorrupsionit - Ministria e Drejtësisë
Postuar më: 16/11/2018

Thirrje për aplikim për ekspert në fushën e antikorrupsionit

Activity: Assist the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) as National Coordinator against Corruption (NCAC) in implementing the objective A. 9 of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy: “Strengthening the integrity of public servants”
This project will support the Albanian MoJ / responsible institutions in developing integrity plans for public officials in the light of best international practices; as well as training/ coaching the government institutions and independent authorities on the implementation of the integrity plans in their day-to-day execution of duties.

Keyword for this expertise: Assistance to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) as National Coordinator against Corruption (NCAC) in regards to implementation of measures under the Anti-Corruption Inter-sectorial Strategy 2018 -2020.

More concretely, the short – term experts will provide support to the National Coordinator against Corruption (NCAC) in the below activities:

· Preparing a model (structure) of integrity plan for public officials according to best international standards and practices;

· Preparing integrity plans for MoJ, dependent Agencies of MoJ and line ministries and other independent institutions;

· Delivering trainings/piloting the integrity plans in some of the most proactive line ministries and independent institutions in terms of implementation of anti-corruption measures.


Project background

Since October 2017, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is Albanian National Coordinator against Corruption. By taking over the new responsibilities, the MoJ is facing significant challenges in terms of designing, coordinating and implementing the anti-corruption measures at national level. One of these measures is related with the Integrity Plans for the MoJ, the line ministries and independent institutions, which are foreseen in the objective A. 9 of the Action plan of the Anti – Corruption Inter- sectorial Strategy 2018 – 2020.

The project shall support the MoJ in terms of the implementation of the anti – corruption measures by contracting an international expert (1) and local resource person (1) with longstanding experience in the integrity rules of public officials. Through strengthening the integrity of public officials and reinforcing code of ethics in particular, the project aims to adopt a strategic and sustainable driven approach in tackling the corruption in the public administration.


Required expert profile

Experts are required to demonstrate proven experience in anti – corruption practices, and integrity of public officials in particular. In addition, they should have experience in delivering trainings in the public administration and other independent institutions. The experts will support any activity in related areas of intervention, as needed.

Core requirements:

– Advance studies in the relevant fields;

– At least a minimum of 7 years for international expert/ 5 years for local expert of practical working experience in the anti-corruption in public sector. Experience in specific areas of risk i.e. procurement, justice, police, finance, etc. would be an advantage;

– In depth knowledge of Albanian or similar legal system environment;

– Proven knowledge of the Albanian or similar anti-corruption architecture and developments;

– Sound experience on anti-corruption measures in the public administration and the best international standards and practices;

– Excellent oral and written communication skills in presentation skills, sensitive to political environment, good in brainstorming and argumentation, open to discussions;

– Sound analytical & training skills;

– Fluency in English.

Application Process

Deadline for applications: 3 December 2018 / midnight
Please send your CV and cover letter via e-mail to:
Exclusively shortlisted candidates will be contacted and might be requested to attend interviews and/or other methods of assessment.
The selection will be based on the professional background, relevant work experience, gender equality and other criteria according to the requested qualifications.

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